We believe in the community of east jordan. We are committed to making foundry a productive and long standing part of that community.

the passion

In his teens Andre gained a relationship with Gus Chinonis. Gus taught him the restaurant industry and Andre discovered his love for creating food that brought the people of their community together. He discovered that he could create an environment that could make others happy and it's been his driving force for more than a decade.



Drelo was born in 2016. After a year of hard work, Dickeys BBQ Pit in Traverse City, MI was opened. Running Dickeys, Andre learned many different skills through his strong work ethic and gained important experience. And through that experience that he grew a passion to donate to the community. Through Dickeys he has helped support multiple non-profits that have supported local families.

East jordan

At Foundry, Andre infused his own history with that of the long standing, unique town of East Jordan. He was blown away with the tight knit culture and rich history of a hard working community. With his unique ideas and recipes along with his skills of motivating and inspiring a team, Andre hopes to make Foundry a staple of Northern Michigan for summer visitors, local community members, and winter time snowmobilers.

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